The ‘dirty’ on cleaning your black water holding tank.

OK, this isn’t one of the prettiest posts I’ve made, but it is an important one. Without getting into the gutter about the “dirty” details of flushing your black water holding tank, I found a pretty good video with some really nice products that will make this dirty job a little more tolerable. Cleaning your black water tank for your RV is important for the lifespan of your tank, personal hygiene and comfortable living while camping. There are not many steps for keeping your RV black water tank clean, but it’s important to be consistent in following them. Keeping up on proper maintenance is what will keep you from spending lots of money or many unpleasant hours on repairing your tank. You may be surprised how easy it is to maintain an RV black water tank and how easily accessible and affordable the products are. I know there are some units out there that have dual waste water holding tanks, the same maintenance must be performed on each tank. If you have any more questions about cleaning your black water holding tank, I’d be happy to answer them.

Let us take a look at how to clean and maintain your Black Water Holding Tank.

If your travel trailer or 5th wheel is equipped with a factory installed Black Water Tank Flush, you have the means of maintaining your black water tank at your figure tips.  However when you are using your installed tank flush, remember to pay attention to the manufacturer’s directions for proper use and care of the tank flush.  If your current coach does not have a built-in tank flush.  A qualified RV service center can also add a waste water tank flush to your existing trailer’s holding tank.  This is a very simple and inexpensive alternative to using the hand-held swizzle stick/flexible wand style flushers.  If you are considering adding a tank flush, give your Central PA RV Dealer a call at 800-722-1236. You can schedule an appointment with our service department and have an easy solution installed.  So you can do away with the ‘dirty’ part of camping. And continue with the fun stuff.

Safe Travels & Happy RVing!