Pennsylvania RVers get the big AdVANTAGEs.

Vantage. The new perspective in camping.

A brand new perspective in camping. Vantage from Keystone combines timeless beauty with modern technology to create a new travel trailer unlike anything on the market today. By utilizing curved,laminated fiberglass side walls and an arched roof, Vantage delivers wide-body livability and comfort in a look that clearly stands apart. And the Vantage interior is also extraordinary, tastefully incorporating contemporary-glazed maple cabinets, two-tone fascia, and an open spaciousness that is uncommon and pleasing. Available in three distinct floor-plans including a quad bunk model.

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  • Classic, timeless shape that will look good many years from now.
  • Clean, uncluttered exterior.
  • Cool tone high gloss gray exterior with black accents(bumper, wheel-well, windows).
  • Low slung chassis with a shorter overall height (to top of A/C).
  • Curved side walls, exterior and interior, creating a 101” wide body
  • Uniform window line (all windows same height and distance off floor), clean appearance.
  • Large (7″) radius transition from side wall to roof.
  • Slide-outs that conform to wall curvature – inside and out!
  • Full front and rear caps. No boxy edges.
  • Window awning on front cap conceals window, provides exterior storage location.
  • Recessed LED exterior lighting throughout. Even in bunk area.
  • Classic round tail lights recessed into cap.
  • Center stop lamp.
  • Separate high impact ABS rear bumper with hair-cell finish.
  • Exterior convenience center on ODS.
  • Vaulted ceiling with 7’interior height.
  • Low center of gravity allows for smoother towing.

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Contact Pennsylvania’s first Keystone Vantage Dealer today for more information on this remarkable camper. You can reach us at 800-722-1236.


See the advantages in the new Keystone RV Vantage.

“From the moment we pulled the cover off the trailer Tuesday morning, until the end of the show Thursday afternoon, dealers were talking about the new Vantage,” Matt Zimmerman, Keystone RV General Manager in charge of the new trailer and product line, stated at the recent unveiling of the Vantage.

Vantage travel trailer by Keystone RV

The Vantage was recently introduced at Keystone RV's Open House in Elkhart County, IN

The Vantage embodies a new concept in RV travel trailer styling that evokes timeless design while incorporating cutting-edge construction technology, according to company President Bob Martin.

“The Vantage was the brainchild of our senior operations group,” Martin said. “They wanted to do something that looks different, that uses a different construction process, and that was unlike anything on the market today.”

Vantage incorporates vacuum-bonded radius walls both inside and outside, unique front a back molded caps, LED lighting throughout, and for its size is surprisingly light weight.

“It’s not intentionally an ultra-lightweight but due to some of our construction techniques—vacuum-bonded side walls, laminated construction—it comes in fairly light,” he said.

The model that was on display at Keystone’s open house, and the recent RVDA Convention in Las Vegas, should be the largest the company builds – 34 feet in length and about 6,400 pounds, according to Martin.

“Ultimately we will offer it in an entire range of sizes, down into the smaller 20-foot lengths,” he said.

Keystone describes the look of the new Vantage as a “timeless beauty.” Cool-tone grey, high-gloss fiberglass covers the exterior accented by black bumper, wheel wells, and windows.  The look is includes exterior graphics highlighted by a silver Vantage logo on each side of the coach.

While the manufacturer suggested retail price has yet to be determined, the company expects the Vantage to fall within the “sweet spot” and appeal to a broad market, from baby-boomers to young families, according to Keystone. And that sweet spot may just put the new Vantage travel trailer  in price competition with other Keystone brands such as Outback and Sprinter.

This light weight travel trailer brings the Airstream flair to a lower price point.  The Vantage combines distinct styling with a European caravan feel, to produce a very rich, very open design in a modern camper.  The Vantage is loaded with interior storage options as well as an upscale feel in every aspect of the design.  The stainless steel kitchen appliances coupled with the plush furniture, bring a five-star feel to an affordable tow behind trailer.

Interior picture of the bedroom of the new Vantage by Keystone RV

An ultra modern and unique design awaits you in the new Vantage.

Ultra light, ultra modern and ultra hip, the Vantage is going to turn some heads while being towed to your favorite campground or resort.  Especially while being towed on the standard  Mor Ryde suspension.   The vantage sits lower to the ground than other Keystone products which should help with less wind resistance and equate to better gas mileage.  Especially with the rounded design of the front and rear caps.  The curved sidewalls, exterior and interior, create a 101″ wide body and provides a 7′ interior ceiling height.

There are many big advantages built into the new Vantage travel trailer.  You can see them all for yourself by visiting Pennsylvania’s first Vantage dealer, Lerch RV.   For more information on this brand new RV, please give us a call at 800-722-1236.

Safe Travels and Happy RVing!