RV Hall of Fame reaches fundraising goal!

The RV/MH Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame reaches fundraising goal at last-minute…

ELKHART — The leadership at the RV/MH Hall of Fame is ready to reach for the lighter.

In the final day of the “burn the bank-note” push to raise $150,000 by April 30, the hall was still $20,000 shy of what it needed to get a $50,000 matching grant from the Ingram family.

With 12 hours left to go, one unidentified donor stepped forward with $5,000, and another came up with a donation of $15,000, according to Darryl Searer, president of the hall.

”On behalf of the hall’s board of directors, I would like to thank all of those who contributed and helped us achieve this success. I continue to be amazed by the generosity of those who believe in the hall’s mission and continue to open their hearts and pocketbooks. We cannot thank them enough,” Searer said in the written announcement of the successful fundraiser.

At the top of the list of generous donors is the family of Robert “Boots” Ingram, who have postponed some debts and offered matching grants to retire other debts, bringing the hall back from the brink of financial ruin and shutdown a little more than two years ago.

Between the $150,000 in matching grants from the Ingram family and the money donated by others, the hall will be ready to burn the note for their loan from 1st Source Bank, a loan that stood at $840,000 in early 2012.

The city of Elkhart forgave roughly $115,000 in fees owed by the hall, which also helped reduce the stress on the museum, hall of fame and events center near C.R. 17 and the Indiana Toll Road.

Wednesday morning, May 1, Searer said, “I spoke with Tony Ingram last night with the good news and was assured that the $50,000 check is in the mail and we’ll be able to pay off the bank loan soon. As soon as the Ingrams’ check arrives, the bank loan will be retired with a blazing ‘burn the bank-note’ ceremony.”

Congratulations to the RV / Motor Home Hall of Fame….

Article from The Elkhart Truth (elkharttruth.com)


RV Vacations are affordable!

With gas prices on the rise once more. And with the onset of the Spring and Summer traveling seasons. RV vacations are more economical than those taken by personal car, commercial airline and cruise ship.  Regardless of fuel prices, RV owners still get the biggest bang for their buck.  When compared to other types of vacations.  The affordability of RV travel is what appeals to families.  I recently read a comprehensive study that analyzes vacation data and in all cases, the study found RV trips being more economical than other vacations analyzed, regardless of trip duration, distance or region of the country.  Even when fuel prices rise, the data continued to show that traveling the road in an RV is still significantly less expensive.  I know fuel costs are a very important factor in everyone’s vacation plans and costs, the results of the study determined that the cost of fuel would have to triple to make RVing more expensive for a family of four than other types of travel.  For an example vacations using a personal car, staying in hotels and eating in restaurants, were found to be roughly 36 percent more costly on average than travel by RV.

A week-long family vacation towing a conventional travel trailer from Salt Lake City, Utah to the Grand Canyon compared to the cost of taking the same trip by airline, renting a car and staying in a rental property would be $2,820 or 70 percent less expensive.

Shorter getaways were also found to be more economical by RV. A family taking a three-day excursion from Pittsburgh, Pa. to visit the Pa. Dutch Country around Lancaster, Pa.  would save over $270 or an estimated 31 percent, by towing their conventional travel trailer, rather than going by car, staying in hotels and eating in restaurants.

More than 80 percent of RVers say their RV vacations cost less than other forms of vacation, even when fuel prices rise. To save fuel, RVers are typically spending more time with their family and enjoying the campground experience, and spending less time on the road. Many RVers also take their own steps to lower fuel consumption. Simple steps like reducing your speed, ease off the gas pedal a little. Instead of going 65 mph, reduce your speed to 55 mph. Pack lighter to reduce weight in your tow-able or RV. And turning off home utilities to save energy when traveling, such as unplugging any un-needed appliances and turning off your hot water heater. RV travel at a leisurely pace with no tight schedules for flights, hotels, or restaurants is stress free and enjoyable.

So I say plan those Spring and Summer RV Vacations. And before you do, stop by your to upgrade to a new travel trailer or fifth wheel. Or have our great service department here at Lerch RV, look over your existing coach to make sure your trip is trouble-free and fun. Hook up and hit the road. Get that bang for your buck and make some great family memories this year!

Safe travels and Happy RVing!