Armrest adjustments. The proper way!

It does not get any more drab than this webisode. We are once again being educated by our favorite actor turned RV Guru, Jeff Daniels. I guess he needed to fill in America on how to properly adjust your Motor-homes armrest while driving. Although he does give you some great pointers. So take a look at this episode and give me your thoughts. I’m looking forward to something with a little more excitement in the next one. Safe Travels and Happy RVing!



Using the RV Facilities on the road.

Tree Toilet

When nature calls, one must answer.


Once again we are visiting our good friend Jeff Daniels, the actor turned RV guru. In this episode, Jeff teaches us how to use the Recreational Vehicle’s facilities while in motion.  He does have some good pointers however I would be very cautious in following all of his directions.  At least I would not go about my “business” the same way while driving my motor-home.
Jeff also discusses the meaning behind winterizing your RV and how you can still use your coach while maintaining the weather proof protection of winterization.  To get a better understanding about winterizing your RV, check out my past blog post for winterizing tips. Personally I would recommend purchasing a true four-season RV if you happen to be camping in extreme weather year round.  Keystone RV Company’s Montana 5th wheel and the newest member of true four season RV club, Open Range.  Are two great RVs for year round use. Both are heavily insulated and combine great heating/cooling systems.  Better yet I still recommend traveling South or Southwest for the winter, instead of traveling north to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to RV in a winter storm. Most of the customers who purchase from Central Pennsylvania’s RV Dealership normally just store their travel trailer or 5th wheel for the winter. Some allow us to winterize and store their RV here on our lot.  Winter RV storage tips are readily available for those of you who are new to the RV and camping lifestyle.
As you view my latest post about Jeff’s adventure.  Keep one important thought in mind, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I know what you see is You-Tube magic, however cruise control is not an auto-piloting feature.  I do find a smile on my face when the coach discovers the ‘Rumble Strips’ on the road.  So sit back and once again be educated by Jeff.  I hope everyone takes some of his knowledge to heart and practices his recommendations the next time you are enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!

Frozen RV Slide-Out? All you need is a hair dryer.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Once again we are back visiting with my favorite RV driving instructor aka Jeff Daniels. This episode is one of the funniest yet, as Jeff transitions from RV Driving Instruction to RV Service Technician. Wow, this stellar fellow can do it all. I wish I would have stumble upon these webisodes earlier this year, however I believe this is the perfect time of year to share them. Since the cold weather is going to be coming sooner or later. From this wonderful video, I once again take away some great RV education, always carry a salon sized or industrial hair dryer and a large extension cord. Or maybe just use some good old common sense and keep your slide-outs in during extreme over-night temperatures. I will allow everyone to make their own conclusions. Keeping your slide-outs functioning properly requires very minimal maintenance through out the year. Your owners manual will list and inform you of any required maintenance. Also you can always contact your local Central PA RV Dealership for maintenance help with your slide-outs. Or you may visit the forums at Camping for RV friendly hints and RV maintenance tips. As you watch this episode, how many of us out there would love to Jeff’s tour manager?

Until next time Safe Travels and Happy RVing!

Once again, here is Jeff Daniels:

Need to know more about required maintenance on your RV, please fee free to contact Lerch RV’s Service Department.  We will gladly have one of our qualified technicians help you.

RV Driving in near White-out Conditions.

…you have a 67% chance of reaching your next destination. –Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels..aka RV Driving Instructor

Would you trust this man to give you RV Driving Lessons?

Climb aboard for another ride along with my favorite Winter RV driving instructor, actor Jeff Daniels. Nothing like learning to drive your RV by watching a guy who may be off his rocker a tad, by driving north in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during near white out conditions. Although I believe Jeff posted these webisodes early this year, I just stumbled upon them. I have found them to be amusing and somewhat educational. Although the educational value that I take from them, is not to travel the Upper Peninsula during the winter. Head south or even west in your RV like the vast majority of Americans.
But as you view my postings and we follow Jeff on his tour. Keep in mind that it does not matter how or where you use your RV, as long as you are using it. I have said this a number of times, camping makes for some great memories for everyone involved. Some journeys are just more memorable than others, and I’m sure everyone out there has experience their fair share of not so memorable times with their RV. From not understanding how something on your new unit works or to maybe having a complete break down. RVs can give you some headaches. Learn how everything operates in your RV. Make short, closer to home trips when you first get it. When you do your free customer orientation walk through of your new unit at Lerch RV, bring a notepad, or better yet a video camera. To make fall back record of the stuff you are soon to forget. You will be having so much new information coming your way and if you are like most people, will forget the small things. Sometimes those small things make for a big headache. However you decide to pursue your new RV, make sure that you know it and your unit’s limitations. If you have a question while you are out enjoying your RV, you can always call your Central PA RV Dealership. We will help you to the best of our abilities.

Here is Jeff’s Latest installment:

View Jeff’s previous episode here at Rving is Easy at Lerch RV.

4 Point RV Driving Technique

Once again we get to visit actor Jeff Daniels during his tour of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during a blizzard. This episode, which is the fourth installment, requires some white knuckled driving. And I do mean white. This man is such a trooper. Most people who RV go south or west for the winter. Not this man, who decides to head north towards Canada. I have to agree with a comment I read about this clip:

I suspect that while taping your webisodes that your crew and family are quietly sitting in fear at the back of your 42 foot travel supreme recreational vehicle. I didn’t think I had any fears in my life until I watched you driving that huge RV in blizzard conditions and talking to the camera. Your insurance agent must bang his head against the wall and cry while seeing this too.

I have only been behind the wheel of a 40′ long motor coach once in my life, and that was through some of Pennsylvania’s wonderful “cattle shoot” style construction barriers. That was a bit unnerving, so driving in winter conditions such as Jeff, is quite a feat. I can assure you that I will never be traveling Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during the winter. Though I know plenty of people who travel year round. I always recommend that those people bring their RV to see Central PA’s RV Dealer to make sure that their coach is ready for such extreme traveling conditions.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!

Visit Jeff’s last episode on my previous posting.

“35 miles to go”…RV Snowstorm Driving

This is the third installment of Actor Jeff Daniels webisodes. You can feel the cold coming right off your monitor in this episode. I must say this fella is a real trooper. Driving in such conditions, and once arriving… Well I better not spoil the video. But I can not imagine driving my RV in such conditions, but I guess that is what you expect when you are in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Your RV better have a ‘extreme thermal’ package from the manufacturer to be out in elements like this. I would assume the norm would be to be heading south instead of north during this time of year. I wonder how many times things froze up on the coach? The heater must have been going the whole time to keep the water lines from freezing, or he had the RV water lines winterized and not using them. I do know of a few people who winterize their RVs and use them for white-tailed deer hunting season here in Pennsylvania. If you have not done so, it is now time to winterize your travel trailer or 5th wheel. If you still need this procedure done, please contact your Central PA RV Dealership to schedule a winterization. Safe travels and Happy RVing!

You can view the previous episode by checking out my other post.

Nothing quite like the feeling of being behind the wheel…

Nothing quite like the feel being behind the steering wheel of an Recreational Vehicle…

Jeff Daniels

Once again we are joining actor Jeff Daniels on his Michigan RV Trip. I must first point out that I’m not sure if I approve of filming and interviewing oneself while driving, although it does make for good film. I believe it is still ‘cool’ to see such a man feel like a kid while RVing. It makes me wish everyone would get a chance to just hit the road and take in the beauty of this great nation. It is a shame that everyone, including myself, is just too busy to stop and take in the natural beauty abound. RVing allows you to do this, even if it is only camping in the driveway or backyard. Ownership of an RV, or even the rental of one, allows you to make such great memories with your family. Sometimes your camping trip might be filled with unexplained mishaps or troubles, but I can guarantee you, that trip will be memorable. So if you have any great memorable outings, or trips you would like to forget, share away.  Visit your  Central PA RV Dealer on Facebook or feel free to post some comments on our forum at Camping  Safe travels and Happy RVing!

You can not truly call yourself an American until…

“You cannot truly call yourself an American until you’ve been behind the wheel of a recreational vehicle.” -Actor Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels behind the wheel of an RV.

I love to RV.

In this recent webisode, Jeff Daniels says that he believes that. In the next few weeks I’m going to be posting follow-up videos of Jeff’s travels.  Although a year old, it is still interesting to see how a well-known actor RVs.

I believe that you do not need to be ‘behind the wheel’, you can be towing one too.  Although driving across this great nation in a motorized RV nurtures memories that last a lifetime.  However if you are not towing a car, you are stuck driving your ‘house’ everywhere.  That is why tow-able RVs were invented (not really but a good thought).  You can arrive at your destination and park your house.  Whatever way you decide to RV, as long as you are having fun and making memories that will forever bring a smile to your face, you are doing it the right way.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!