S’mores at your fingertips!

I normally do not like promote many products.  However this storage container is a great! S’mores go hand in hand with camping. So take a look at this cool storage container that someone emailed me about. What better way to have everything right at your hands when you need it.  Get one of these containers fill it with all those necessary S’mores supplies and all you need is the campfire. And of course a nice stick to roast those marshmallows on. Enjoy!

S'mores storage container

S'more at your fingertips!

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. — Easylife introduces the E-Z S’mores Box, a portable storage container that keeps marshmallows moist and graham crackers crisp from one outing to next.

No more struggling with bags and boxes, the E-Z S’mores storage container features a patent pending freshness seal that keeps ingredients fresh. When done making treats, users simply snap on the lid and save the box until the next campfire.

Best of all it is only $12.99 plus all the applicable shipping and handling.

For more information, call 480.250.9166 or visit www.ezsmoresbox.com.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!