Vanleigh RV to cease RV Production

Vanleigh RV

The RV manufacturer announced that Tiffin Motorhomes’ eight-year towable manufacturing project would end in March. The company said that Tiffin would restructure to focus on the products consumers and dealers request. They will discontinue Vanleigh RV operations.
The manufacturer’s towable division in Burnsville, Mississippi, will cease production, effective in March. The Tiffin Group said it would provide resources to individuals impacted by the plant closure to assist them in their search for future employment, in addition to assistance from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security rapid response teams.

“This decision is especially personal to me since I founded VLRV in 2014,” said Leigh Tiffin, Tiffin Group president, “but we are dedicated to our vision of diversifying our motorized product offering to become the RV industry’s premier full-line motorized OEM.”
The company said the reorganization would enable Tiffin to diversify its Type B and Type C motorhome products. Tiffin undertook the reorganization based on consumer data, dealer input, and current market conditions, which point to promising opportunities in motorized RV growth categories, Tiffin said.
“We are confident the tough choices we are making are necessary to successfully support our customers, team members, business partners, and local communities for many years to come,” Leigh Tiffin said.

Vanleigh’s service operations integrated with Tiffin’s last year. The company said the centralized service would ensure Tiffin’s provides customer support and faithfully honors Vanleigh RV warranty needs.

Article written by RV News Staff
Appearing on RV News 1/10/2023


KZ RV’s easy boon-docking

Great news from one of our manufacturers, KZ RV. They just made boon-docking in your new Durango or Venom RV even easier. A true self-supporting RV solar setup on a luxury camper.

SHIPSHEWANA, INDIANA – KZ Recreational Vehicles has recently unveiled their new industry-leading solar package, available for the luxury and toy hauler lines Durango, Durango Gold, Venom, and Venom V-Series. The eight-panel package sets a new standard for boondocking in luxury.

The solar package includes eight 220W solar panels, equaling 1,760 watts of solar power, a 5,000-watt Victron inverter/charger 24V that is capable of powering everything in your fifth wheel, one 15,000 BTU A/C with Soft Start, a 100-amp Victron MPPT Solar Charge Controller, and two 200AH 24V Lithium Batteries that are equal to eight 100AH 12V Lithium Batteries. The package includes a 25-year warranty on the solar panels, a 10-year warranty on the lithium batteries, and a 5-year warranty on all Victron Energy components.

The system powers all outlets and appliances and can run one 15,000 BTU A/C for 10 hours through the night, keeping you nice and cool. It is equally sized for optimum performance and can recharge batteries quickly in just six to eight hours of full sun exposure. In addition, the generator/shore power can recharge batteries in eight hours. To enhance usability, monitoring the system through the RV’s touchscreen or the system’s app is easy.

For more information, visit KZ RV’s website:

And to view central PA’s largest inventory of KZ Durango 5th wheels, visit Lerch RV’s inventory page here:

2022 Hershey RV Show – American’s largest RV Show, Sept 14-18, 2022

August is coming to a close, which can mean only one thing in the world of RVs, it’s almost time for America’s largest RV Show. Join Lerch RV, central PA’s biggest RV dealership, at this year’s Hershey RV Show. The show will be held from September 14th through the 18th at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA.

Lerch RV will display the fantastic KZ Durango product line-up of fifth-wheel RVs. The KZ Durango offers all the upscale staples at an affordable price. Durango is approved for full-time living with an all-weather insulation package.

So join us at America’s largest RV Show in Hershey, PA.

Who built the first RV?

Who made what? Who made who?

In the early 1900s, the first “recreational vehicles” versions began to appear and were custom built. By “recreational vehicle,” we mean a car with a simple wooden trailer attached to the back. Not really what we think of when we hear the word “RV,” right? Well, we had to start somewhere! Until the first “RVs” came out, automobile lovers began to expand on these “homes on wheels” ideas and improve them. One of the first, most popular RVs was the “Pierce-Arrow Touring Landau.”

Shortly after RVs began to appear, the first “motorhome” arrived on the scene. In 1910, the first “motorhome,” made from a Packard truck weighing approximately three tons, made its debut. The vehicle was twenty-eight feet long, six and a half feet wide, and could sleep around eleven people, which was impressive considering how early it was made! It also boasted a start of art ice box, a toilet, and a “salon,” making it the very first bonafide “motorhome.”

As camping became more popular throughout the next decade (1911-1920), so did RVs. More and more people began adapting their cars and trucks to their lifestyle, mostly wood, and tents. Most of these automobiles had refrigerators, kitchenettes, showers, baths, and other typical features we’d expect to see on modern RVs. Some were even equipped with telegraphs and electric lights! Considering the people who came up with these designs were primarily not mechanics or engineers, these advancements were ingenious and just improving.

One of the most impressive vehicles of this time was “The Gypsy Van,” which boasted two remarkable stories, weighed eight tons, and had an interior like an English manor house. Then, in 1917, the first Fifth Wheel camping trailer was invented, which changed the RV game. Throughout the 1920s, custom RVs just kept coming and were often built on the most popular car, which was none other than the Ford model. Eventually known as the “Ford House Car.”

Lerch RV at Buttonwood Campground

Join us in Mexico. Mexico, Pennsylvania, that is. Memorial Day weekend 2022, Lerch RV will again display some of our leading brands at this fabulous campground. Join us at Buttonwood Campground for some great RV prices, giveaways, and freebies. Why not kick off the unofficial start of Summer by having a fun-filled weekend with family and friends? Lerch RV hopes to see you at the best campground in central PA! Safe travels and happy RVing!

For more information please text us at 717-667-1400.

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River Ranch RV Dealer in Pennslyvania

Lerch RV, located in the heart of Pennsylvania, is now a dealer of the luxury River Ranch 5th wheel RV. With a cargo capacity that exceeds 4,000 lbs. The River Ranch 5th wheel camper offers exceptional livability and storage for all your needs. The ability to live ranch style in a fifth luxury wheel has never been done before… Until now! The one-of-a-kind River Ranch – where practical living, storage, tow ability, and lavish style set a new bar of RV luxury. The fifth wheel is on one level, with no step up. This engineering allows for the entire basement area to become storage. The River Ranch offers the most exterior storage in an RV on the market today.

When you are ready to step up into a luxury, residential quality River Ranch RV, allow central PA’s biggest RV dealership to fulfill your RVing needs. Since 1977, Lerch RV has been family-owned and operated and is not a corporate dealership. We are a single-location dealership that offers thirty-two service bays, and we are staffed by full-time professionals that are here to assist you in any manner. Call or text us at 717-667-1400. Or visit us at

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Pennsylvania RV Dealer celebrating 45 years of RVing!

Lerch RV’s 45th Annual Open House – May 7th, 2022

Visit Lerch RV on Saturday, May 7, from 9 am until 3 pm as we celebrate our 45th Open House. Free food, free entertainment with Magician Richard Benninghoff, free give-a-ways, and offers the whole family will enjoy! Savings up to $2,000 off our everyday low Lerch RV Advantage price! You pay what we pay; for our 45th Open House, we have decided to pass along our “Friends and Family Discount” to our customers. Take advantage of the price our employees, friends, and family members usually pay. Plus, gifts with every purchase. The standard free camping at Buttonwood Campground, Route 66 RV Club membership, and the lifetime PA State Trailer inspection still comes with every new RV purchase. Please mark your calendar today, and join us on Saturday, May 7, for a great RVing time. For more information about this terrific sales event, please visit:

PA’s largest RV Service Center

Located in Mifflin County, PA’s largest RV service center is ready to serve those RVers in need. With fast, efficient, professional service conducted by our staff of full-time technicians and support staff. With ten full-time technicians that have a combined RV Service experience of 175 plus years, our central PA RV Service Center is ready to repair your travel trailer or fifth wheel, and get you back on the road to making camping memories. Lerch RV is also a trusted member of the Route 66 RV network.

Text us: 717-667-1400 or visit our website to schedule your RV service needs. #RVService #CentralPA #weare #goRVing #RVsales

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Camping Season in Central PA is here…

Get your name on our appointment calendar. I know you are as ready for camping season as I am. So it’s time to think about your camper; let us help eliminate any “start-up” issues this year. Allow our service team to get you ready to camp. Schedule your appointment with our dedicated service team by following this link #RVservice #RVsales #goRVing

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PA’s Largest RV Service Center Opening Soon

Located in the sleepy town of Milroy, Pennsylvania, Lerch RV has embarked on a plan to offer their customers access to the state’s largest RV service center. Thirty-two service bays will be awaiting the Central PA’s dealership’s customers in the Spring of 2021. The dealership currently offers 18 RV service bays and broke ground in August 2020 on a new 17,000 square foot service addtion. This new service addition is approaching completion and will soon be available to service the dealership’s customers. Having additional service bays will allow Lerch RV to offer their customers a quicker turn around on extensive RV repairs and smaller RV service concerns. When you need RV service, reach out to PA’s largest RV Service Center at 800-722-1236. Or text them at 717-667-1400 for your service needs.

Safe travels and happy RVing!

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