Vanleigh RV to cease RV Production

Vanleigh RV

The RV manufacturer announced that Tiffin Motorhomes’ eight-year towable manufacturing project would end in March. The company said that Tiffin would restructure to focus on the products consumers and dealers request. They will discontinue Vanleigh RV operations.
The manufacturer’s towable division in Burnsville, Mississippi, will cease production, effective in March. The Tiffin Group said it would provide resources to individuals impacted by the plant closure to assist them in their search for future employment, in addition to assistance from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security rapid response teams.

“This decision is especially personal to me since I founded VLRV in 2014,” said Leigh Tiffin, Tiffin Group president, “but we are dedicated to our vision of diversifying our motorized product offering to become the RV industry’s premier full-line motorized OEM.”
The company said the reorganization would enable Tiffin to diversify its Type B and Type C motorhome products. Tiffin undertook the reorganization based on consumer data, dealer input, and current market conditions, which point to promising opportunities in motorized RV growth categories, Tiffin said.
“We are confident the tough choices we are making are necessary to successfully support our customers, team members, business partners, and local communities for many years to come,” Leigh Tiffin said.

Vanleigh’s service operations integrated with Tiffin’s last year. The company said the centralized service would ensure Tiffin’s provides customer support and faithfully honors Vanleigh RV warranty needs.

Article written by RV News Staff
Appearing on RV News 1/10/2023