When is the best time to buy a new RV?

When is the best time to buy a new RV?  Why do people buy RVs during the winter months?  Do you actually sell RVs during the winter?  Is your business a season one?  You must get bored during the winter at your job?  Does your employer lay all of you off during the winter?  These are just some of the questions that I get asked yearly. 

Although our Central PA dealership experiences what I like to call a slowdown during the late Fall.  It is nothing but boring over the Winter.  Besides watching Winter’s beauty encompass mountains and valleys surrounding us.  Our sales team still is selling RVs all winter long.  In fact when I get asked that annual question, “when is the best time to purchase a new RV in Pennsylvania?”.  I always reply that it’s during the late Fall and Winter months.  Although my reply often receives a puzzled look for an answer.  It’s the truth. 

The winter months allow any RV customer to take advantage of savings, before the New Year.  As well as RV manufacturer’s increase in pricing.  In fact, at the close of November 2018, most of our manufacturers are passing along a Tariff increase in their pricing.  So anything that is ordered factory fresh will cost the consumer more. By shopping for your new RV now, you will be able to miss this Tariff increase in pricing.  As well as take advantage of the dealership’s winter savings discounts.  Once the the New Year arrives, so does the new buying season.  With price increases and less than motivated manufacturers. 

When is the best time time to buy a new RV? My simple reply is right now….

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