Adjustable RV Water Fill


I stumbled upon this neat little trick from Trailer Life magazine.  I think it is a great little RVing trick.  Here in our large RV parts store, we sell a fresh water fill hose extension, however for those DIY out there, this idea would work well.

A standard freshwater tank filler, which is made of a water hose connector and plastic tubing, would not stay in the my camper’s fresh-water inlet because of the hose’s weight and water pressure while filling.

To solve this problem, I made a flexible filler unit out of ½-inch threaded PVC parts purchased from the plumbing department at my local home improvement store. Assemble as shown; do not tighten or seal the threaded parts, just make them snug. The threaded parts must be able to move to get the water hose to hang properly with little or no pressure on the freshwater tank filler. The assembly can also be flattened for easy storage.

Willard Dunlap, Albuquerque, N.M.

Do you have any ideas or modifications to share?