Satellite TV on the Road

Dish Network on the go...Recent surveys have shown that lots of RVers love their TVs.  Just because we are on the road a lot, doesn’t mean that we want to give up our favorite television shows.   After all, there is something comforting about having had a day full of fun and adventures to be able to return to your rig and tune in to your favorite evening programs.     I recently became aware of an option for satellite tv while on the road.  If you’re like most RVers I know, you travel only a few months a year and don’t want a year-long commitment on satellite TV for your rig.

With Dish Network, RVers can sign up for a no-contract plan in which you only pay a monthly bill for the months that you travel. This presents huge savings for RVers since you don’t have to pay a monthly bill all year-long.  You can start and stop monthly service as many times as you want at no charge.  Here are the rest of the details:

Pay-as-you-go TV

Watch all of your favorite programs and movies in the great outdoors. When you take a break from your adventures, your bill does too. Only DISH Network gives you the flexibility to start and stop monthly service as often as you wish – at no charge.

  • No contract required*
  • Pay only for the months that you travel – no charge to start and stop your monthly service
  • No additional monthly service fees
  • View off-air channels through your HD receiver wherever you camp**
  • Same programming you can watch at home

Only DISH Offers HD on the Road

Only DISH offers HD on ALL automatic mobile satellite antennas used with RVs. Domes and Portables do not support HD viewing with DIRECTV***

What You Need to Get Started

You’ll need a DISH mobile HD receiver and a mobile satellite antenna. DISH is compatible with ALL mobile satellite antennas.

DISH’s mobile HD receiver features:

  • Supports both SD and HD viewing
  • Designed for mobile use – compact, lightweight, emits little to no heat
  • Weather on Demand and Scoreboard Apps
  • Want a DVR? Connect an external hard drive***

As much as I hate to admit it, I love having my satellite TV available to me no matter where we are traveling.   There is just something really comforting about being able to relax in front of the tube, even while on the road!  Rver’s it’s time to sign up, tune in, and enjoy!


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  1. Traveling on the road with DISH Network just keeps getting easier and easier. I am an avid RV’er and I work for DISH Network so I was very excited when they released the Tailgater a couple of months ago. It is inexpensive in comparison to other portable satellites, it is only 10 lbs, and the satellite dish aligns itself. It is the easiest way to pull in an HD picture with the VIP 211 receiver, and service can be stopped and started again as travelling schedules demand it so.

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