Traveling with kids an adventure, so be ready for anything…

This article was forwarded to me by a friend in the RV business. It is by Judy Jackson from the Edmonton Journal is quite informative.  So to all of those who have children and RV, read on…
RVing with kids at Lerch RV

RVing with kids, including full-time RVing, is becoming increasingly popular, and over the last decade the trend in RV production has been toward accommodating the needs of active baby boomer retirees, retirees traveling with kids and families.

Today’s RVs are designed with frugality in mind, built for comfort, accommodating of bicycles and kayaks and sports gear – particularly desirable things when you are traveling with kids.

The physical aspect of the RV for traveling with kids is well taken care of, but what about traveling with the kids themselves?

Most kids absolutely love the idea of traveling and adventuring in an RV. For some however, the mobile RV lifestyle is not a good fit at all – they just don’t handle the changes, uncertainty and leaving the security of what’s familiar, including friends and family.

Whether they’re excited or reluctant, with these few tips you can just about guarantee a pleasant time RVing with kids.

Enjoy the adventure

Yes, there will be problems, challenges, and unexpected things. Instead of getting upset, angry or dismayed, learn to change your perspective and enjoy the adventure of it all.

Have fun

What are you there for? Fun. If you aren’t having fun you may as well go home. Look for the fun. Do the out of the ordinary. Don’t be afraid to have fun, get dirty, tired, hot, scared.

See things through your kids’ eyes

Kids look at things very differently from adults. Put yourself in their place. Talk to them. Ask them. Listen to them.

Let them make decisions

Let them choose activities, routines, travel routes, what’s for supper, or even what not to do. Involve them.

Use teamwork

Let you kids be part of making and breaking camp. Teach them how to direct the driver in parking the RV. Have them help with dumping and other maintenance procedures. Show them how to plot a course and navigate. Work together on tasks and problem-solving.

Get rid of things that need upkeep

Pack and prepare things ahead of time so that things will run smoothly.

And remember, the adjustment period never ends. There are always new things, changes, kids grow, new interests and circumstances to accommodate.

It’s an adventure, so enjoy. For more on RVing with kids, check out Full-time Families . Or if you need help in finding that family friendly camper, please contact your central PA RV dealer, Lerch RV.


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