Firewood Ban Set to expire in PA?

Organic Firewood...What a tag line!

Firewood Ban Set to expire in PA?  I discovered this article on  A great place to find information about campgrounds in PA.  The forums on the website are very beneficial to even the most experienced RVer.  However I found this small article to be very interesting. Especially with being a Pennsylvania State Park camper myself.

Rumor has it that the ban on moving firewood for recreational use between counties in Pennsylvania will be lifted in mid April.  This will once again give campers and other outdoor enthusiasts the freedom to load up their truck with firewood before setting out for their favorite camping spots.

Agrilus planipennis, the emerald ash borer

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The ban has been in place for years, and was apparently effective in controlling the spread of  the Emerald Ash Borer and other non native invasion species which could have proved to be devastating to PA forests if gone un-stopped.  We are happy that the threat has been minimized to a point where firewood is apparently no longer a great concern to transporting the pests. But do keep in mind, that if you bring firewood in from home, burn it all or take it back home with you.

Now we can all rest in our campgrounds without those pesky ‘Dont Move The Firewood’ billboard trucks circling out spurs.

If you have any further information on this subject. Please share away.