New RV Trends for 2011

Definition of a trend: An inclination in a particular direction; A tendency; A fad or fashion style.

With the New Year, comes new trends, models and changes in the RV Industry. Exciting new floor plans, increased high-tech integrations, and a new emphasis on “Functional Luxury” are grabbing the attention of RV enthusiasts everywhere. The “Go Green” movement has taken the RV Industry by storm, with sustainable and green materials in not only the construction, but also in the decor of the units. Light-weight travel trailers that can be pulled by smaller vehicles are also a new addition to the industry.

To keep up with all of the new trends and changes, here is a rundown of the most exciting innovations to watch for in 2011.

1. Versatile Floor Plans: RV Manufacturers are starting to shy away from the normal rectangular structures inside an RV. Manufacturers are starting to use quad slides, full-wall slides and telescoping slides to create more interior space, which allows for a more flexible floor plan. Using the “L” shape is the trend this year! The “L” shape is being used in kitchens, bedrooms and even in the furniture to help create spatial use and flexibility.

Outback 298 RE Rear Entertainment Center

Outback 298 RE Rear Entertainment Center

2. High-Tech Integration: Now, you can have the technology comforts from home inside your RV. Entertainment centers with 40-to 46-inch-wide flat screen TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, true 5.1 surround-sound systems, satellite-enable and equipped with integrated wireless capabilities, and built-in charging stations for hand-held electronics are just a few high-tech gadgets inside the 2011 models.

3. Functional Luxury: Manufacturers are focusing on RV features that improve the quality of daily living for RVers. Some features they are starting to include are: Full-size kitchen appliances, second refrigerators, dual sinks, full-size showers, spacious master bedroom suites, nooks for reading or exercising, walk-in closets, built-in dressers, adding a second half-bathroom, and full-size washer/dryers. But really the most exciting feature that is being added to these RVs are outdoor kitchens! Most of these kitchens come complete with either a two or three outdoor cook stove, a grill, prep areas, refrigerators, microwaves, and sinks.

Passport 3220 Outdoor Kitchen

Passport 3220 Outdoor Kitchen

4. Going Green:
The RV Industry has an environmental certification program for all units that pass inspection for being “Green.” To earn the Certified Green sticker, RVs need to meet the required net energy-efficient and water-efficient benchmarks set by a third-party certification organization.  Manufacturers are increasing using stronger composite construction materials, sustainable materials in interior design elements, LED lighting, and installing energy-efficient appliances. Manufacturers’ are Going Green in their factories too. RV makers are installing solar panels and wind turbines to help power their factories. In the motor home category, small, fuel-efficient diesel engines are making a comeback.

Passport Express 238 Travel Trailer

Weighing in at only 3,700 lbs. The Passport Express 238 is great for the smaller truck and SUV tow vehicles.

5. Size Matters: The most surprising new model of 2011 are the small, light-weight, fuel-efficient RVs that are geared to meet the needs for those families on a budget. This light-weight models can be easily towed with most SUVs and mini vans.

For more information regarding all the new features and ‘trends’ for this year. Give your Central PA RV Dealership a call at 800-722-1236.


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