Customizing: How to make your RV your own.

Customizing your RV can be as simple as adding a musical horn or as extreme as getting a custom paint job.  Maybe adding a few window decals of the places you have visited with that coach is your comfort level with customizing your unit.  However some people take exterior customization to a whole new level. A full body paint scheme can give your RV character and create personality.  Full body paint is now even being offered at the factory level, usually reserved for the ‘higher end’ coaches.

Custom paint job by Willy’s Custom Concepts in Springfield, Oregon 


Adding jaw-like teeth or attaching a longhorn skull to the grill can add so much to your RV. Also, does your RV have a name? If so, add a decal of the RV’s name onto your unit. Not only does it add personality to your RV, but it is a great conversation starter in campgrounds. For those of you with 5th wheels, add a decorative paint scheme to your exposed 5th wheel hitch.  That way, when you are unhitched from your rig, anyone walking by will be able to view it.

Getting ideas: Look at the vehicles in your town. What kind of custom paint jobs have you seen? What would be a good design for your RV? Think of the trucks and cars you have seen with custom paint jobs…now think RV/trailer size! Add flames or racing stripes down the sides. Polk-a-dot your unit or paint your RV your favorite color! Have fun with it. You can also incorporate a mural of your favorite vacation spot, your hometown skyline, a religious story or animals onto the sides of your RV. You can also honor your favorite team by putting their decals on your unit.

Custom Steelers RV

Tailgate in Style

You could also restore your current paint job and add new decals from the factory. Whatever you decide to do, we suggest using a professional painter because of the dimensions of an RV/trailer, painting types and resell value.

The sky is the limit and you are only limited to your imagination. So do not be afraid to add some flare and personality to your RV!

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