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Now is the time to think SPRING!

Do away with the winter blues and think of greener grass, sweet-smelling flowers, and the sound of chirping birds.  Spring is undoubtedly around the corner.  Come on out and join us for our Early Bird Sale, which is going on now. Lock in great low prices on new travel trailers and 5th wheels.  Our great low prices will allow you get that new RV before our leading manufacturers raise their prices.  Make your purchase now and we will store your unit until you are ready for to pick it up.  Take a look at our Early Bird Sale Flyer…

Lerch RV Early Bird Sale going on now!

Check out our Early Bird Sale Flyer.

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RVers are Embracing Technology.

Amazon Kindle, perfect for RVers on the go.

Amazon Kindle, perfect for RVers on the go.

One of the things I like to do when traveling is catch up on some reading. What I don’t like to do is bring a bag full of books that is cumbersome and  just take up space. I’ll admit, I’m not the most techno savvy guy on the planet, but if there is something that will enhance my RV lifestyle I’ll certainly consider it.

I found an article on The Kindle that really peaked my interest and would solve my “bringing an entire library on the RV” problem. A big Thank you Clemstrailersales.com for allowing me share this with my readers. If you are a reader, then I know you’ll be interested in an easy way to enhance your RV adventures.

After seeing electronic book readers in the stores for a while now and then hearing my daughter-in-law raving about the one my son got her for Christmas, I decided to check them out. I searched Amazon.com who sells the Kindle and discovered they provide free Kindle for PC software for those of us who want to just check it out or who want Kindle books on our PCs instead or who don’t have wonderful spouses. I have to say Kindle is amazing and has reopened a whole new world for me. Along with the free software, I also downloaded several free books that sounded interesting. There are thousands of free books out there from numerous websites.

I have not been able to read a regular book in full in a couple of years due to my eyes but I can read a book on my PC quite easily. I like that I can change the background and text colors as well as the text size to something comfortable for me. It bookmarks where I am at in a book so I can easily come back later. I love the highlighting and note options which make it very easy to study a book and get back to important points. The click-able links in Kindle books is also very handy. The price of Kindle books is usually lower than a paper book and you get easy instant delivery online with no shipping fees. In fact I liked all this so much that I went ahead and bought a book I had already planned on buying and but now in the Kindle version. I read half the book in just one sitting because it was so easy! I should also mention that many popular newspapers, magazines and blogs are also available in Kindle subscription versions. They are automatically downloaded early in the morning daily, monthly, etc. I will have to start bugging my favorite RV magazines about going to Kindle.

Another great benefit is having a whole library on my computer that is limited only by the size of my hard drive space. When I get my handheld Kindle (and I will definitely be getting one of those too!), it can hold 3500 books. Imagine that! What a savings in storage space in an RV and no more having to give up books on my shelves to add new books. According to Amazon, the handhelds have special screens that you can see even in broad daylight while kicking back in your lounge chair with a cool drink and a good book. They can also connect to Amazon.com via either Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and free 3G depending on the model you get. Of course you can also sync a handheld with Kindle for PC on your computer.

Safety First! for Your RV Trip

Red Cross Image

Taking your RV along with you on a trip is like taking the comforts of home with you. You have everything you need for shelter, cooking and entertainment. But are you prepared for an emergency or accident?

When preparing yourself and your RV for emergencies and accidents, make sure you not only have the necessities but you also have packed a few items for the trip you are going on. For example, if you are traveling for a weekend getaway, make sure you have a complete first-aid kit with medications and a few survival items, like matches, a flashlight with extra batteries, space blankets, a flare, whistle, etc. If you are going on an extended vacation, make sure to pack the things listed above, but also include a tool kit, spare tire, jack, extra food, water, etc. Also, always take a camera with you in case you need to take pictures of an accident for insurance purposes.

You can also make your safety and first-aid kits specific to your family’s needs. If you have a member with asthma or high blood pressure, make sure to add medications in your kit for them.

Wherever you are going, make sure you are prepared for the road ahead of you.

RV First Aid KitClick Here for a list of items to make your own personal RV first-aid kit (eHow.com).

Flying J Fuel is good for RVers

When you even mention the subject of fuel prices, it usually invokes a harsh reaction. However I do have some ‘good’ fuel news to post about. I recently came across this subject as a forums posting on Camping PA.com. So I decided to do some more in-depth investigating. My final determination is that this is an excellent program being offered by Pilot Flying J travel centers.Flying J Travel Center LOGO

Pilot Flying J is launching Frequent Fueler Advantage, an enhanced loyalty program on Jan. 3 for professional drivers and RV customers.

Frequent Fueler Advantage will allow professional drivers to instantly accrue and redeem loyalty points in all participating Pilot and Flying J travel centers, travel plazas and restaurants across the U.S. and Canada. Added benefits of the new program for professional drivers include extended shower expiration for loyal customers, shower credits for expeditors and in-store rewards. RV cardholders in the program will receive instant discounts on fuel, propane purchases and dumping fees. Coming soon, RV cardholders will receive discounts at the truck diesel islands in addition to the specified RV fueling lanes.

Pilot Flying J will also offer Pump Start to all Frequent Fueler Advantage cardholders. Pump Start will allow drivers paying with cash, a check or a third-party credit card to use their Frequent Fueler Advantage card to start the fuel pumps. Members must register their card at the cashier counter and must have 500 gallons of purchase history in order to activate the Pump Start feature.

Pilot Flying J will continue to honor points accumulated on the Frequent Fueler, RV Real Value Card and Driver Payback cards. Pilot Flying J is asking that drivers register these cards under the new program in order to take full advantage of all benefits.

“By registering for the Frequent Fueler Advantage, our customers will be able to instantly access enhanced benefits,” said Pilot Flying J President and CEO Jimmy Haslam. “In addition, Pilot Flying J will be able to better serve our customers by designing benefits that more closely match their needs and wants.”

Drivers may register their cards at www.FrequentFuelerAdvantage.com or at cashier desks and kiosks in Pilot and Flying J locations.

If anyone else is aware of any other fuel discount or savings program? It would be great if we could point all of our customers to the best and most economical fuel distributors which can really pad your pockets with a little extra spending money during your trip. Which I’m sure would help make your trip a little more memorable.

Safe Travels and Happy RVing!

The Essential Camping List

Have you ever gone on an RV trip and realized you forgot a few essential items? Buying forgotten essentials from the campground store can be a pain (and expensive!), and if you’re camping on your own, well…good luck! At Lerch RV, we know how important it is to know what to bring on an RV trip, so we put together this little checklist to make sure your packing is as stress free as possible. Before you go on your next RV trip this season, stop by to visit us and stock up on all the essentials!


The best thing to do with kitchenware is to just buy a lot and leave it in your RV all season. This way, you’ll always know you have some on hand and won’t have to worry about packing it up while deciding what to bring on your RV trip.

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Mugs
  • Flatware
  • Coffee maker
  • Toaster
  • Hand towels
  • Dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Can opener
  • Plastic wrap
  • Aluminum foil
  • Ziploc bags
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Bowls
  • Cutting boards
  • Folding table
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Garbage Bags

Kitchen Supplies:

One of the more frustrating things when getting ready to cook dinner  is when you’ve forgotten your little spice assortment.  You have to have rosemary to rub onto your grilled chicken.  How about cinnamon for your French toast? One thing that many people do is to stop at their favorite grocery store before the trip to pick up some fresh herbs.  There’s nothing better than fresh basil to top off a fresh mozzarella and tomato salad.  Fresh oregano is fantastic in spaghetti sauce. When you’re on the road, it can be very hard to find a grocery store that carries fresh herbs.  The best thing to do with kitchenware is to just buy a lot and leave it in your RV all season. This way, you’ll always know you have some on hand and won’t have to worry about packing it up while deciding what to bring on your RV trip.

  • Salt and Pepper
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Mayo and Mustard
  • BBQ sauce and horseradish sauce
  • Oil and vinegar


Again, toiletries are things you can buy once and leave on your RV all season, and knowing what toiletries to bring on your RV trip can make your experience a lot more comfortable (for you AND those around you!). Before you leave for your first trip, make sure you have the following things:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Shaving cream
  • Razor
  • Mouthwash
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Hair products
  • Deodorant
  • Powder
  • Perfume
  • RV safe toilet paper

Special Equipment

You’ve taken care of yourself – now take care of your RV! When you’re deciding what to bring on your RV trip, don’t forget to take the following RV essentials:

  • Extra long sewer hose to help you reach your sewer connection in those hard to reach campsites
  • 25 – 50 ft vinyl water hose with connecting devices (rubber can make water taste bad)
  • Water pressure regulator (A must have)
  • RV Toilet chemicals
  • Coaxial cable if campgrounds offer cable/satellite television
  • Work gloves and rubber gloves (for hooking up sewer connections to your RV and doing the dirty work)
  • Leveling blocks to ensure that your RV (and in particular, the refrigerator) is level

Electrical Equipment

Don’t forget your adapters! Since campgrounds have varying electricity sources, it is important to remember your adapters when thinking of what to bring on your RV trip – otherwise your appliances might not work! In addition to various adapters, stock up on batteries for your flashlights, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, gas leak detectors and other electronic devices.

Odds and Ends

What else should you bring on your RV trip? Whatever you want! There are a lot of other miscellaneous essentials that you’ll need, including:

  • GPS
  • Portable vacuum
  • Bungee cords
  • Whisk broom
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Matches or a Lighter
  • Puzzles and games
  • Bikes
  • Frisbee
  • Fishing poles and gear
  • Anything Else that makes your trip enjoyable and memorable

The best thing about having a camper is that once it’s packed up you don’t have to worry about what to bring on your trip for the rest of the season. Remember, if you’re planning a road trip and want some advice on what to bring or what to do, visit the Lerch RV’s camping center parts department. Our friendly staff will not only be able to help you find the all the supplies you need in our parts department, but we also have experienced campers who know exactly what you shouldn’t camp without! So stop by your Central PA RV Dealership today to prepare your travel trailer or 5th wheel for the upcoming camping season.


New RV Trends for 2011

Definition of a trend: An inclination in a particular direction; A tendency; A fad or fashion style.

With the New Year, comes new trends, models and changes in the RV Industry. Exciting new floor plans, increased high-tech integrations, and a new emphasis on “Functional Luxury” are grabbing the attention of RV enthusiasts everywhere. The “Go Green” movement has taken the RV Industry by storm, with sustainable and green materials in not only the construction, but also in the decor of the units. Light-weight travel trailers that can be pulled by smaller vehicles are also a new addition to the industry.

To keep up with all of the new trends and changes, here is a rundown of the most exciting innovations to watch for in 2011.

1. Versatile Floor Plans: RV Manufacturers are starting to shy away from the normal rectangular structures inside an RV. Manufacturers are starting to use quad slides, full-wall slides and telescoping slides to create more interior space, which allows for a more flexible floor plan. Using the “L” shape is the trend this year! The “L” shape is being used in kitchens, bedrooms and even in the furniture to help create spatial use and flexibility.

Outback 298 RE Rear Entertainment Center

Outback 298 RE Rear Entertainment Center

2. High-Tech Integration: Now, you can have the technology comforts from home inside your RV. Entertainment centers with 40-to 46-inch-wide flat screen TVs, DVD and Blu-Ray players, true 5.1 surround-sound systems, satellite-enable and equipped with integrated wireless capabilities, and built-in charging stations for hand-held electronics are just a few high-tech gadgets inside the 2011 models.

3. Functional Luxury: Manufacturers are focusing on RV features that improve the quality of daily living for RVers. Some features they are starting to include are: Full-size kitchen appliances, second refrigerators, dual sinks, full-size showers, spacious master bedroom suites, nooks for reading or exercising, walk-in closets, built-in dressers, adding a second half-bathroom, and full-size washer/dryers. But really the most exciting feature that is being added to these RVs are outdoor kitchens! Most of these kitchens come complete with either a two or three outdoor cook stove, a grill, prep areas, refrigerators, microwaves, and sinks.

Passport 3220 Outdoor Kitchen

Passport 3220 Outdoor Kitchen

4. Going Green:
The RV Industry has an environmental certification program for all units that pass inspection for being “Green.” To earn the Certified Green sticker, RVs need to meet the required net energy-efficient and water-efficient benchmarks set by a third-party certification organization.  Manufacturers are increasing using stronger composite construction materials, sustainable materials in interior design elements, LED lighting, and installing energy-efficient appliances. Manufacturers’ are Going Green in their factories too. RV makers are installing solar panels and wind turbines to help power their factories. In the motor home category, small, fuel-efficient diesel engines are making a comeback.

Passport Express 238 Travel Trailer

Weighing in at only 3,700 lbs. The Passport Express 238 is great for the smaller truck and SUV tow vehicles.

5. Size Matters: The most surprising new model of 2011 are the small, light-weight, fuel-efficient RVs that are geared to meet the needs for those families on a budget. This light-weight models can be easily towed with most SUVs and mini vans.

For more information regarding all the new features and ‘trends’ for this year. Give your Central PA RV Dealership a call at 800-722-1236.

Customizing: How to make your RV your own.

Customizing your RV can be as simple as adding a musical horn or as extreme as getting a custom paint job.  Maybe adding a few window decals of the places you have visited with that coach is your comfort level with customizing your unit.  However some people take exterior customization to a whole new level. A full body paint scheme can give your RV character and create personality.  Full body paint is now even being offered at the factory level, usually reserved for the ‘higher end’ coaches.

Custom paint job by Willy’s Custom Concepts in Springfield, Oregon 


Adding jaw-like teeth or attaching a longhorn skull to the grill can add so much to your RV. Also, does your RV have a name? If so, add a decal of the RV’s name onto your unit. Not only does it add personality to your RV, but it is a great conversation starter in campgrounds. For those of you with 5th wheels, add a decorative paint scheme to your exposed 5th wheel hitch.  That way, when you are unhitched from your rig, anyone walking by will be able to view it.

Getting ideas: Look at the vehicles in your town. What kind of custom paint jobs have you seen? What would be a good design for your RV? Think of the trucks and cars you have seen with custom paint jobs…now think RV/trailer size! Add flames or racing stripes down the sides. Polk-a-dot your unit or paint your RV your favorite color! Have fun with it. You can also incorporate a mural of your favorite vacation spot, your hometown skyline, a religious story or animals onto the sides of your RV. You can also honor your favorite team by putting their decals on your unit.

Custom Steelers RV

Tailgate in Style

You could also restore your current paint job and add new decals from the factory. Whatever you decide to do, we suggest using a professional painter because of the dimensions of an RV/trailer, painting types and resell value.

The sky is the limit and you are only limited to your imagination. So do not be afraid to add some flare and personality to your RV!

Click Here for more ideas on how to “Customize Your RV” written by Don Goodson.
Click Here to see more custom paint jobs on motor-homes done by Willy’s Custom Concepts in Springfield, Oregon.