Using the RV Facilities on the road.

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Once again we are visiting our good friend Jeff Daniels, the actor turned RV guru. In this episode, Jeff teaches us how to use the Recreational Vehicle’s facilities while in motion.  He does have some good pointers however I would be very cautious in following all of his directions.  At least I would not go about my “business” the same way while driving my motor-home.
Jeff also discusses the meaning behind winterizing your RV and how you can still use your coach while maintaining the weather proof protection of winterization.  To get a better understanding about winterizing your RV, check out my past blog post for winterizing tips. Personally I would recommend purchasing a true four-season RV if you happen to be camping in extreme weather year round.  Keystone RV Company’s Montana 5th wheel and the newest member of true four season RV club, Open Range.  Are two great RVs for year round use. Both are heavily insulated and combine great heating/cooling systems.  Better yet I still recommend traveling South or Southwest for the winter, instead of traveling north to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to RV in a winter storm. Most of the customers who purchase from Central Pennsylvania’s RV Dealership normally just store their travel trailer or 5th wheel for the winter. Some allow us to winterize and store their RV here on our lot.  Winter RV storage tips are readily available for those of you who are new to the RV and camping lifestyle.
As you view my latest post about Jeff’s adventure.  Keep one important thought in mind, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I know what you see is You-Tube magic, however cruise control is not an auto-piloting feature.  I do find a smile on my face when the coach discovers the ‘Rumble Strips’ on the road.  So sit back and once again be educated by Jeff.  I hope everyone takes some of his knowledge to heart and practices his recommendations the next time you are enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!


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  1. Michele The park models that look more like cotgtaes are still a secret, the industry has drafted the park model naming for what should really be called destinatiion campers that are intended to serve the same purpose as the cottage type park models. These destination campers, such as what Scott has purchased, are doing very well because they can be sold and delivered with a medium-duty truck and one person. Most dealers will not sell the cottage type park models because they are usually 12 wide and need to be towed by a heavy-duty truck, with wide-load banners, and require two people.There are also signficant differences in the construction of a cottage-type park model and a destination camper. Both serve the industry well, and as Scott pointed out, people should buy what best suits their lifestyle and intended purpose for the trailer.Many more manufacturers are building the destination campers this years as people decide to travel less and just stay at one campground all year. That is what I do with my two units in Maine.As for the RPTIA website it truly does need a lot of work. However, the director has been sick this year and they have a very lean staff. It does need to be overhauled to do justice to their member companies and the consumers seeking information on these products and how they fit into the RV lifestyle we all want to enjoy. Thank for you comments.

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