RV Driving in near White-out Conditions.

…you have a 67% chance of reaching your next destination. –Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels..aka RV Driving Instructor

Would you trust this man to give you RV Driving Lessons?

Climb aboard for another ride along with my favorite Winter RV driving instructor, actor Jeff Daniels. Nothing like learning to drive your RV by watching a guy who may be off his rocker a tad, by driving north in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during near white out conditions. Although I believe Jeff posted these webisodes early this year, I just stumbled upon them. I have found them to be amusing and somewhat educational. Although the educational value that I take from them, is not to travel the Upper Peninsula during the winter. Head south or even west in your RV like the vast majority of Americans.
But as you view my postings and we follow Jeff on his tour. Keep in mind that it does not matter how or where you use your RV, as long as you are using it. I have said this a number of times, camping makes for some great memories for everyone involved. Some journeys are just more memorable than others, and I’m sure everyone out there has experience their fair share of not so memorable times with their RV. From not understanding how something on your new unit works or to maybe having a complete break down. RVs can give you some headaches. Learn how everything operates in your RV. Make short, closer to home trips when you first get it. When you do your free customer orientation walk through of your new unit at Lerch RV, bring a notepad, or better yet a video camera. To make fall back record of the stuff you are soon to forget. You will be having so much new information coming your way and if you are like most people, will forget the small things. Sometimes those small things make for a big headache. However you decide to pursue your new RV, make sure that you know it and your unit’s limitations. If you have a question while you are out enjoying your RV, you can always call your Central PA RV Dealership. We will help you to the best of our abilities.

Here is Jeff’s Latest installment:

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