4 Point RV Driving Technique

Once again we get to visit actor Jeff Daniels during his tour of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during a blizzard. This episode, which is the fourth installment, requires some white knuckled driving. And I do mean white. This man is such a trooper. Most people who RV go south or west for the winter. Not this man, who decides to head north towards Canada. I have to agree with a comment I read about this clip:

I suspect that while taping your webisodes that your crew and family are quietly sitting in fear at the back of your 42 foot travel supreme recreational vehicle. I didn’t think I had any fears in my life until I watched you driving that huge RV in blizzard conditions and talking to the camera. Your insurance agent must bang his head against the wall and cry while seeing this too.

I have only been behind the wheel of a 40′ long motor coach once in my life, and that was through some of Pennsylvania’s wonderful “cattle shoot” style construction barriers. That was a bit unnerving, so driving in winter conditions such as Jeff, is quite a feat. I can assure you that I will never be traveling Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during the winter. Though I know plenty of people who travel year round. I always recommend that those people bring their RV to see Central PA’s RV Dealer to make sure that their coach is ready for such extreme traveling conditions.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!

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