“35 miles to go”…RV Snowstorm Driving

This is the third installment of Actor Jeff Daniels webisodes. You can feel the cold coming right off your monitor in this episode. I must say this fella is a real trooper. Driving in such conditions, and once arriving… Well I better not spoil the video. But I can not imagine driving my RV in such conditions, but I guess that is what you expect when you are in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Your RV better have a ‘extreme thermal’ package from the manufacturer to be out in elements like this. I would assume the norm would be to be heading south instead of north during this time of year. I wonder how many times things froze up on the coach? The heater must have been going the whole time to keep the water lines from freezing, or he had the RV water lines winterized and not using them. I do know of a few people who winterize their RVs and use them for white-tailed deer hunting season here in Pennsylvania. If you have not done so, it is now time to winterize your travel trailer or 5th wheel. If you still need this procedure done, please contact your Central PA RV Dealership to schedule a winterization. Safe travels and Happy RVing!

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