Indoor vs Outdoor Winter Storage

Winter is fast approaching the Northeast part of the country.  Most of us have wrapped up our camping season and are beginning to think about winter storage of our RV. Winter storage for your unit is a big decision to make.  No matter what RV storage option you may choose, make sure that you keep your RV insurance active.  An accident could occur over the storage period and you could lose everything!  Also remember to clean out all of your perishables and clean you unit thoroughly before putting your RV into winter storage.  This will help deter mice or other rodents from entering your unit and using for winter quarters.  Check out my Have a Rodent Problem post for more tips on preventing critter from entering and damaging your RV.  Winter storage is a personal decision.  So please be comfortable with whatever option you choose.Indoor Winter RV Storage

Indoor storage options usually include some of the following:

Heated Garage

  • Keeps all plastic components at a safe temperature.
  • Protects the unit from unwanted damage from the sun, wind and snow.

Steel Paneled Pole Building

  • Not a heated building, however it will protect your RV from the Snow,wind and winter sun.

Steel or Aluminum Carport

  • Protects your RV Roof from the snow and sun.  Since the sides of the carport are usually open, the RV will still be subject to the wind.

Enclosed RV Storage Facility

  • A rented, sometimes environmentally controlled, storage facility paid monthly.
  • Make sure that you understand your contract.  And what kind of insurance the facility has in case of damage.

Lerch RV, Milroy PA

Outdoor storage is usually the most common, somethings to consider are:

  • Outdoor storage offers a higher risk of vandalism, theft and damage occurrences.
  • To cover or not cover with a protective, breathable RV winter cover.  Please do not use the typical ‘blue tarp’.
  • Snow and ice build up on the roof, if you live in areas with high snowfall accumulations, you may need to shovel the roof off on occasion.
  • Close up all pop ups and hybrid/tent end campers.  Do not allow canvas to be exposed to the harsh winter.

This is just a small selection of indoor and outdoor storage hints.  Every RV owner has their own unique take on winter storage.  Most are tried and true, some others are just learning.  However you decide to store your RV, just make sure you do it properly, so you can continue to enjoy your coach year after year. Keep in mind that your Central PA RV Dealer offers outside winter storage for our customers at a very reasonable rate. To learn more please call 800-722-1236. Safe travels and Happy RVing!