Nothing quite like the feeling of being behind the wheel…

Nothing quite like the feel being behind the steering wheel of an Recreational Vehicle…

Jeff Daniels

Once again we are joining actor Jeff Daniels on his Michigan RV Trip. I must first point out that I’m not sure if I approve of filming and interviewing oneself while driving, although it does make for good film. I believe it is still ‘cool’ to see such a man feel like a kid while RVing. It makes me wish everyone would get a chance to just hit the road and take in the beauty of this great nation. It is a shame that everyone, including myself, is just too busy to stop and take in the natural beauty abound. RVing allows you to do this, even if it is only camping in the driveway or backyard. Ownership of an RV, or even the rental of one, allows you to make such great memories with your family. Sometimes your camping trip might be filled with unexplained mishaps or troubles, but I can guarantee you, that trip will be memorable. So if you have any great memorable outings, or trips you would like to forget, share away.  Visit your  Central PA RV Dealer on Facebook or feel free to post some comments on our forum at Camping  Safe travels and Happy RVing!

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