New RV have a rodent problem?

Wires chewed by mouse

Do you have wires that look like this?

No one wants to come to the realization that rodents may have infested their RV. The fact of the matter is that it happens and it can cause a lot more than that “icky” feeling. Rodents will chew through wood, fiberglass and wiring…the latter can be especially dangerous and result in a potential fire hazard? So how do you keep those critters from invading your home on wheels? I have heard of people trying everything from aluminum foil on the floor, to scattering dryer sheets all over your camper.  Some of these paths work for some, for others they do not.  The best way to keep mice out of your new 0r pre-owned RV is too cut off their entry points.


You looking at me?

If a mouse can get its head through an opening, the rest will surely follow.  So do some maintenance on your RV to minimize those ‘dime sized’ openings.  Low grade expandable insulation foam and silicone caulking will work for most situations.  However if your coach is experiencing an infestation, you may want to first consult a professional company in handling removal of rodents, then contact your central PA RV dealership to help determine and fix any damage caused by your unwanted guests.