Another Record Season for Yellowstone National Park

I was reading through some online RVing articles and stumbled across this one about our great national treasure, Yellowstone National Park. Three years have passed since I visited this great park. That trip was the quintessential RV experience. Two weeks long and done in a 31′ Class C motor home from the inventory at your Central PA RV Dealership. So as winter gets closer and the forecast starts to get colder, Yellowstone National Park has probably started to gradually close down. So I thought I would post a small article detailing a banner year for the park.
Scenery at Midway Geyser Basin
‘Yellowstone National Park had 3.4 million visitors so far this year, securing another record-breaking year for attendance. This year’s record has already beat last year’s by 100,00. The record in 2009 was 3.3 million visitors. The last remaining facilities that are open will close on Sunday, November 7th, giving the park a little more time to add to their record.’

Congratulations to Yellowstone National Park for another great year of attendance! As the number of RV owners increase, I hope to see the attendance numbers at our great national parks continue to increase.

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