To Cover or Not to Cover? That is the question

5th Wheel CoverI recently have had a lot of questions regarding the use of RV Covers. Should you cover or not cover? And if I do cover which type of cover should I use? As you suspect, it’s a good idea to use an RV cover that allows some breathing so moisture can escape. Commercially made covers are generally manufactured from fabrics with this specific type of breath-ability built in. Use a commercially available cover, and you are headed in the right direction. Never just use a standard ‘blue’ tarp to cover you RV. Covering your coach with that type of material will not allow your RV to breath, trapping moisture, and we all know moisture is not your RV’s friend.

Another idea to take into consideration when you have the coach covered and in storage, be sure to leave a few windows and roof vents cracked open to allow fresh air circulation inside the coach too. I understand doing this may depend on where and how you actually store your RV. If you need any help finding a breathable RV Cover please stop by or give your Central PA RV Dealer a call at 800-722-1236. Or email our parts department at, we can ship your cover directly to you. Safe travels and happy RVing!

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