New RV have a rodent problem?

Wires chewed by mouse

Do you have wires that look like this?

No one wants to come to the realization that rodents may have infested their RV. The fact of the matter is that it happens and it can cause a lot more than that “icky” feeling. Rodents will chew through wood, fiberglass and wiring…the latter can be especially dangerous and result in a potential fire hazard? So how do you keep those critters from invading your home on wheels? I have heard of people trying everything from aluminum foil on the floor, to scattering dryer sheets all over your camper.  Some of these paths work for some, for others they do not.  The best way to keep mice out of your new 0r pre-owned RV is too cut off their entry points.


You looking at me?

If a mouse can get its head through an opening, the rest will surely follow.  So do some maintenance on your RV to minimize those ‘dime sized’ openings.  Low grade expandable insulation foam and silicone caulking will work for most situations.  However if your coach is experiencing an infestation, you may want to first consult a professional company in handling removal of rodents, then contact your central PA RV dealership to help determine and fix any damage caused by your unwanted guests.


Another Record Season for Yellowstone National Park

I was reading through some online RVing articles and stumbled across this one about our great national treasure, Yellowstone National Park. Three years have passed since I visited this great park. That trip was the quintessential RV experience. Two weeks long and done in a 31′ Class C motor home from the inventory at your Central PA RV Dealership. So as winter gets closer and the forecast starts to get colder, Yellowstone National Park has probably started to gradually close down. So I thought I would post a small article detailing a banner year for the park.
Scenery at Midway Geyser Basin
‘Yellowstone National Park had 3.4 million visitors so far this year, securing another record-breaking year for attendance. This year’s record has already beat last year’s by 100,00. The record in 2009 was 3.3 million visitors. The last remaining facilities that are open will close on Sunday, November 7th, giving the park a little more time to add to their record.’

Congratulations to Yellowstone National Park for another great year of attendance! As the number of RV owners increase, I hope to see the attendance numbers at our great national parks continue to increase.

Going Bananas…Stuffed bananas anyone?

That’s right Stuffed Bananas! Never had one of these, but looks very interesting.
Wonder if Elvis ever had one of these.
So do you think the King of Rock n Roll, the great Elvis Presley ever had one of these delicious looking desserts? Take a look at how to make them below. And if you give them a try. Let me know how they are!

Thanks to The RV Cooking Show for the great recipe.

Resetting your RV Window.

Is it about time for you to reseal and reset the windows on your new or used RV? I know that there are times when they can loosen up and trust me you don’t want those leaking between your walls causing you wood rot. Remember water is not really your RVs best friend. Make sure you take good care of your RV and your windows. Let me know if you have any questions on how to replace or repair your windows. I am sure our service department would be more than glad to help. I do feel like you can get a good amount of information from this video. It was really well done.

PA’s among the Best in RVing!

5th Wheel Camping

Congratulations to everyone in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!  If you have purchased a new RV during the past year, you have helped make this great state of ours, one of the leading states in registrations of new or pre-owned RVs.  In fact we are leading the nation in a few categories and following a close 2nd in others.  Lerch RV is thankful that our customers have been committed in helping the economy of our nation.  With every new RV that is purchased, be it a travel trailer or 5th wheel camper, you are helping to make a difference in the total outlook of the RV industry.  So keep on making those family memories, enjoy the times well spent with your family.  Safe travels and Happy RVing!

Is is that time already? Time to Winterize that RV.

It is just about that time to start thinking about winterizing your RV. As summer comes to a close and fall swings in you need to be prepared to winterize your water system on your RV. I have found that a lot of the readers are new to the RVing world, and I find it fun to teach them how to take care of their RV. So when I came across this article from I knew I had to share with you. Keep in mind that if you ever have any questions about your RV and can’t figure out what to do you can always call your local Central PA RV Dealer and we will be more than happy to lend a helping hand. If you don’t properly winterize your RV you could be in a world of hurt when spring comes around and you are ready to hit the road again.

To winterize your RV’s water system, follow these handy tips and always remember to check your RV manual for specific winterization procedures:

1. Remove and bypass any inline water filters before winterizing the water system.
2. Drain fresh, gray and black water holding tanks. Flush gray and black water tanks. Use WD40 (Water Displacement 40) to lubricate termination valves.
3. Allow water heater to cool, then drain.
4. Open all hot and cold faucets, toilet valve, outside shower if you have one and the two low point drain lines (hot and cold). Use a water pump to force out water remaining in lines.
5. By-pass the water heater and disconnect the inlet (fresh water) connection to the water pump or install a water pump converter kit.
6. Use your siphon hose from your winterizing converter kit to pump RV anti-freeze (use only approved RV Anti-Freeze) through your entire water system. Run your water pump until you see anti-freeze coming out every faucet. Make sure you also dump anti-freeze into any sink drain ‘traps’.
7. Turn off faucets and replace caps.

This listing is only a reference guide. Lerch RV is not responsible for any damage occurred from following said guide. If you are doubtful of winterizing your RV yourself, please allow a certified RV Service Center to winterize your RV.

If anyone else has any good winterizing tips or hints, feel free to share them here on the Camping PA forums or post them on Lerch RV’s Facebook Page.

Safe Travels and Happy RVing!

To Cover or Not to Cover? That is the question

5th Wheel CoverI recently have had a lot of questions regarding the use of RV Covers. Should you cover or not cover? And if I do cover which type of cover should I use? As you suspect, it’s a good idea to use an RV cover that allows some breathing so moisture can escape. Commercially made covers are generally manufactured from fabrics with this specific type of breath-ability built in. Use a commercially available cover, and you are headed in the right direction. Never just use a standard ‘blue’ tarp to cover you RV. Covering your coach with that type of material will not allow your RV to breath, trapping moisture, and we all know moisture is not your RV’s friend.

Another idea to take into consideration when you have the coach covered and in storage, be sure to leave a few windows and roof vents cracked open to allow fresh air circulation inside the coach too. I understand doing this may depend on where and how you actually store your RV. If you need any help finding a breathable RV Cover please stop by or give your Central PA RV Dealer a call at 800-722-1236. Or email our parts department at, we can ship your cover directly to you. Safe travels and happy RVing!