Using the RV Facilities on the road.

Tree Toilet

When nature calls, one must answer.


Once again we are visiting our good friend Jeff Daniels, the actor turned RV guru. In this episode, Jeff teaches us how to use the Recreational Vehicle’s facilities while in motion.  He does have some good pointers however I would be very cautious in following all of his directions.  At least I would not go about my “business” the same way while driving my motor-home.
Jeff also discusses the meaning behind winterizing your RV and how you can still use your coach while maintaining the weather proof protection of winterization.  To get a better understanding about winterizing your RV, check out my past blog post for winterizing tips. Personally I would recommend purchasing a true four-season RV if you happen to be camping in extreme weather year round.  Keystone RV Company’s Montana 5th wheel and the newest member of true four season RV club, Open Range.  Are two great RVs for year round use. Both are heavily insulated and combine great heating/cooling systems.  Better yet I still recommend traveling South or Southwest for the winter, instead of traveling north to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to RV in a winter storm. Most of the customers who purchase from Central Pennsylvania’s RV Dealership normally just store their travel trailer or 5th wheel for the winter. Some allow us to winterize and store their RV here on our lot.  Winter RV storage tips are readily available for those of you who are new to the RV and camping lifestyle.
As you view my latest post about Jeff’s adventure.  Keep one important thought in mind, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I know what you see is You-Tube magic, however cruise control is not an auto-piloting feature.  I do find a smile on my face when the coach discovers the ‘Rumble Strips’ on the road.  So sit back and once again be educated by Jeff.  I hope everyone takes some of his knowledge to heart and practices his recommendations the next time you are enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!

Betty White becomes an Official Forest Ranger.

Betty White with Smokey the Bear

Betty White with Smokey Bear in background as she's made honorary forest ranger(AP)

Actress Betty White, 88, was made an honorary member of the Forest Service on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 in a special ceremony held at Washington’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The Forest Service presented her with a badge, a ranger’s Stetson hat and a Smokey Bear toy.

Betty White loves animals and is also dedicated to protecting the forest. White said in an interview with CBS News, the “Wilderness is harder and harder to find these days on this beautiful planet, and we’re abusing our planet to the point of almost no return. In my heart I’ve been a forest ranger all my life, but now I’m official.”

Betty White: aka Forest Ranger
( News Report)

U.S. Forest Ranger Betty White ( News Report)

S’mores at your fingertips!

I normally do not like promote many products.  However this storage container is a great! S’mores go hand in hand with camping. So take a look at this cool storage container that someone emailed me about. What better way to have everything right at your hands when you need it.  Get one of these containers fill it with all those necessary S’mores supplies and all you need is the campfire. And of course a nice stick to roast those marshmallows on. Enjoy!

S'mores storage container

S'more at your fingertips!

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. — Easylife introduces the E-Z S’mores Box, a portable storage container that keeps marshmallows moist and graham crackers crisp from one outing to next.

No more struggling with bags and boxes, the E-Z S’mores storage container features a patent pending freshness seal that keeps ingredients fresh. When done making treats, users simply snap on the lid and save the box until the next campfire.

Best of all it is only $12.99 plus all the applicable shipping and handling.

For more information, call 480.250.9166 or visit

Safe travels and Happy RVing!

Lerch RV History 101

I wanted to let everyone know a little history behind Lerch RV‘s 33 years of business.  After owner and founder, Ed Lerch graduated from Penn State University.  This PSU alum began his career in business to establish what has become one of Pennsylvania’s largest and most successful RV dealerships.

Ed Lerch started in business in 1977, when he opened Seven Mountain Truck Caps and Lerch’s Arco gas station. Then in 1978 Ed changed the name of his business to the now well known Lerch RV. With changing the business name, Lerch RV began to offer Prowler travel trailers & fifth wheels, the #1 selling trailers at the time. Shortly after-wards Lerch RV began making Prowler’s top ten list of east coast dealerships.

In 1980 Lerch RV moved to a bigger dealership location, west of Lewistown near the entrance to the Mifflin County Industrial Park, along Route 522/22. The dealership became a full service RV dealership selling travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motor-homes, discontinuing the sales of truck caps and gasoline. During the 1980’s and continuing through the 1990’s the dealership was at this location, Lerch RV became a dealer of Winnebago, Southwind, Coleman, Tioga, Yellowstone, and Alpenlite to name a few. In the early part of the 90’s Lerch RV even developed and built a small handful of customized travel trailers in our own shop.

Milroy, PA Location

Visit us off the Milroy Exit

After 20 years of doing business at the location west of Lewistown and after the successful completion of construction of the existing four lanes of Route 322.  Lerch RV moved to the present location it now occupies in Milroy, PA. The new location offered the business room to grow. With a larger amount of service bays and a larger parts store, the new building has enabled Lerch RV to become one of the largest dealerships in Pennsylvania. The inventory the dealership now has to offer at the current location is built by the largest, most reputable manufacturers in the RV industry, Keystone RV Company and the Open Range RV Company. Along with offering a large selection of pre-owned RVs.

The lot at Lerch RV

Complete line of Sprinter travel trailers

Over the thirty years the dealership has been in existence Lerch RV has sold over 7,000 RV’s. Lerch RV was one of the first RV dealerships in PA to offer a toll free number for its customers and has been a leader in dealership computerization, starting in 1979, with many applications being developed in house. The dealership has been owned and operated by Ed Lerch since its inception. Lerch RV is a ‘true’ family business, with Ed’s daughters and their husbands joining him in the continuing growth and operation of the dealership. In fact the owner comes to work everyday, works every show, and occupies the smallest office at the dealership. The average employee at the dealership has been with the Lerch RV family for over fifteen years. Our professional staff makes your buying experience here at Lerch RV easy. We will always do our best to take care of your concerns. You can take comfort knowing that you bought the best at Lerch RV.

As the ever changing landscape of the RVing community changes, Lerch RV is committed to staying ahead of the curve. After having a very successful year, you can count on us to continue to offer the best brands and best prices around. Our low overhead and high volume purchasing has allowed us to offer the lowest prices to our customers.. Our straight forward, low pressure sales team is one of the best around. So when you are ready to purchase your next RV, stop by our dealership and allow us to assist you in making that purchase fun and exciting.

Frozen RV Slide-Out? All you need is a hair dryer.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Once again we are back visiting with my favorite RV driving instructor aka Jeff Daniels. This episode is one of the funniest yet, as Jeff transitions from RV Driving Instruction to RV Service Technician. Wow, this stellar fellow can do it all. I wish I would have stumble upon these webisodes earlier this year, however I believe this is the perfect time of year to share them. Since the cold weather is going to be coming sooner or later. From this wonderful video, I once again take away some great RV education, always carry a salon sized or industrial hair dryer and a large extension cord. Or maybe just use some good old common sense and keep your slide-outs in during extreme over-night temperatures. I will allow everyone to make their own conclusions. Keeping your slide-outs functioning properly requires very minimal maintenance through out the year. Your owners manual will list and inform you of any required maintenance. Also you can always contact your local Central PA RV Dealership for maintenance help with your slide-outs. Or you may visit the forums at Camping for RV friendly hints and RV maintenance tips. As you watch this episode, how many of us out there would love to Jeff’s tour manager?

Until next time Safe Travels and Happy RVing!

Once again, here is Jeff Daniels:

Need to know more about required maintenance on your RV, please fee free to contact Lerch RV’s Service Department.  We will gladly have one of our qualified technicians help you.

How do you like to camp?

Red check mark in a box

Make your mark!

I’m trying to determine how my fellow RVers like to hook up. Do you prefer the lavish lifestyle of full hook-ups? All the necessities and eases of being at home? Or do you like to just pick a spot, un-hitch the trailer and enjoy the outdoors without any distractions? I am looking forward to seeing your answers. So please take some time out of your busy schedule and just click on a check box to register your vote.

RV Driving in near White-out Conditions.

…you have a 67% chance of reaching your next destination. -Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels..aka RV Driving Instructor

Would you trust this man to give you RV Driving Lessons?

Climb aboard for another ride along with my favorite Winter RV driving instructor, actor Jeff Daniels. Nothing like learning to drive your RV by watching a guy who may be off his rocker a tad, by driving north in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during near white out conditions. Although I believe Jeff posted these webisodes early this year, I just stumbled upon them. I have found them to be amusing and somewhat educational. Although the educational value that I take from them, is not to travel the Upper Peninsula during the winter. Head south or even west in your RV like the vast majority of Americans.
But as you view my postings and we follow Jeff on his tour. Keep in mind that it does not matter how or where you use your RV, as long as you are using it. I have said this a number of times, camping makes for some great memories for everyone involved. Some journeys are just more memorable than others, and I’m sure everyone out there has experience their fair share of not so memorable times with their RV. From not understanding how something on your new unit works or to maybe having a complete break down. RVs can give you some headaches. Learn how everything operates in your RV. Make short, closer to home trips when you first get it. When you do your free customer orientation walk through of your new unit at Lerch RV, bring a notepad, or better yet a video camera. To make fall back record of the stuff you are soon to forget. You will be having so much new information coming your way and if you are like most people, will forget the small things. Sometimes those small things make for a big headache. However you decide to pursue your new RV, make sure that you know it and your unit’s limitations. If you have a question while you are out enjoying your RV, you can always call your Central PA RV Dealership. We will help you to the best of our abilities.

Here is Jeff’s Latest installment:

View Jeff’s previous episode here at Rving is Easy at Lerch RV.

Winter Tips for RV Storage

RV Storage Tips

Recently I have overheard some service customers asking about winter storage suggestions. I decided to gather some industry followed practices and compile a small list. Again many RV owners out there follow their own tried and true methods for RV storage. However after selling travel trailers and 5th wheels to an above average number of new campers this year, those new RV-ers are having to prepare for winter storage as novices. So this little list may be helpful to those of you who are new to this. Check out my past blog post on indoor vs outdoor RV storage.

Before winter storage begins, give your interior a good cleaning. Wipe down and vacuum the interior. That way you are one step ahead when Spring camping season comes around again.

Moisture inside your camper can be very detrimental. You can help alleviate humidity in a couple of ways. Run a de-humidifier, although this is only a viable option if you have power to your RV through-out the storage period. If not, open a roof vent to allow excess moisture to escape (only while using a Roof Vent Cover like a MAX-AIR VENT COVER that still protects your roof vent while open).

Remove all food or any odor producing items. There are many different types of rodent and pest control items and some we have heard include but are not limited to Drier Sheets, Commercial Applications, Moth Balls, and more. Some may cause allergic reactions so use your discretion. We recommend using an all natural repellent that is safe for kids and pets.

Clean and remove your battery(s) and store them in a cool and dry place. Top off the water level and check and/or recharge them every month. Better yet keep a battery tender/maintainer hooked up to the battery, again only if you have accessible power during storage. Most people simply store them in their basement. Deep cycle batteries will self-discharge in a month or sometime less. Most RV batteries will have a draw put on them by the LPG Leak Detector and the climate control switch on the refrigerator. Make sure you have your climate control switch in the off position when your RV is not in use year round. A battery that has been discharged will not work as well or last as long. Use only distilled water to top the water levels off in the cells.

Water System
Winterize your coach according to the manufacturers recommendations. Do not put anti-freeze in your water heater. Dump all your waste water tanks and lubricate your dump and toilet valves with petroleum jelly.

Propane System
Turn off your propane system by closing the valves on the tanks themselves.

Check all seams and seals on your coach including slide-out, windows, roof vents, sewer vents, wall seams, and any other you may find. Caulk where voids in seams are apparent. Lubricate your slide-out seals with appropriate conditioner (available in our store).

Before and after winter storage is a good time to inspect your roof. A good roof cleaning will go a long way to preserve your roofing material. Only use appropriate and manufacture recommend roof cleaners. A clean roof will also benefit the side walls of your RV, by keeping a lot of dirt and debris from running down the sides, producing those tall-tale black streaks.

The above suggestions may not work for everyone. Always refer to you owners manuals for proper care of your coach. If you have any questions about winter care and storage, give your Central PA RV Dealership a call at 800-722-1236. Send a question via email to We will gladly help as best we can.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!!

4 Point RV Driving Technique

Once again we get to visit actor Jeff Daniels during his tour of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during a blizzard. This episode, which is the fourth installment, requires some white knuckled driving. And I do mean white. This man is such a trooper. Most people who RV go south or west for the winter. Not this man, who decides to head north towards Canada. I have to agree with a comment I read about this clip:

I suspect that while taping your webisodes that your crew and family are quietly sitting in fear at the back of your 42 foot travel supreme recreational vehicle. I didn’t think I had any fears in my life until I watched you driving that huge RV in blizzard conditions and talking to the camera. Your insurance agent must bang his head against the wall and cry while seeing this too.

I have only been behind the wheel of a 40′ long motor coach once in my life, and that was through some of Pennsylvania’s wonderful “cattle shoot” style construction barriers. That was a bit unnerving, so driving in winter conditions such as Jeff, is quite a feat. I can assure you that I will never be traveling Michigan’s Upper Peninsula during the winter. Though I know plenty of people who travel year round. I always recommend that those people bring their RV to see Central PA’s RV Dealer to make sure that their coach is ready for such extreme traveling conditions.

Safe travels and Happy RVing!

Visit Jeff’s last episode on my previous posting.

Open Range RV’s new look

In our third year of carrying the entire line from Open Range RV Company and being Pennsylvania’s Largest Open Range Dealership, I wanted to highlight the list of upcoming changes in all new Open Range RVs being produced.  Open Range Sold at Lerch RV, Milroy PASince first emerging, Open Range has produced some of the most innovative and ground breaking changes in the RV industry.  And those innovated ideas are what drives the excitement of owning an Open Range RV.  Below is an excerpt of a post I made on Camping

This is the official list of Open Range RV 5th Wheels and Travel Trailer changes. The dust has cleared and these new features are already being incorporated into the coaches being produced as I type. Although all of these changes are subject to modification from the manufacturer.  However I believe most of these new features will be permanent. Randy Graber and the designers at Open Range keep leading the way in the RV industry. Take a look at the list and let me know your thoughts.  And all you existing Open Range customers, are you ready for a new model yet?  With so many changes that have come over the past 6 months, if you are, allow Lerch RV to find that new exciting floor plan for you.  Safe Travels and Happy RVing!

Open Range Roamer Travel Trailers:
* New Beauflor flooring
* New Alder-wood cabinets
* New cabinet hardware
* Quick bite coupler

Open Range Roamer 5th Wheels:
** Same as Roamer Travel Trailer
* Dura Floor in pass through storage

Open Range Journeyer:
** Same as Roamer Travel Trailer
* 3 Sliding glass door bedroom wardrobe

Lerch RV, Largest Open Range Dealer in PA

New Exterior Decals on the Open Range 5th Wheel

Open Range:
* New Two-Tone colored exterior
* New Alder-wood cabinets
* New cabinet hardware
* Solid hardwood panels on upper and lower cabinets
* Dura-Floor in pass through storage
* LED tail lights
* Remote control for slide-outs and awning

Open Range Rolling Thunder Toy Hauler:
** Same as Open Range

Open Range Residential:
** Same as Open Range
* 3 Solid wood French mirrored mullion wardrobe doors
* Radius fiberglass shower

As per manufacturer the above is subject to change without any notice.